Christiane und Maxim

Maxim Melnyk ist ein Filmemacher aus der Ukraine

Born in Uzhhorod, Ukraine, in 1982. After working as a journalist  for a regional TV studio,  he started  studying  film direction at Bratislava Academy of performing arts ( Slovakia).   He continued his studies at Babelsberg Film university Konrad Wolf where he majors in documentary film direction. In 2020 he made his first documentary  “ Schönborn” that depicts the rural life in Branderburg and  his native region Transcarpathia in Ukraine. 


2013 “ Old bricks” bachelor film. Slovakia

2015 “ Pevne Linky” ( stationary phones), Slovakia

2019: Räder für Poroschkowo (Bicycles for Poroschkowo), Reportage, ARTE Re: (mit Christiane Seiler)

2020 “ Schönborn“

Christiane Seiler ist eine Radioautorin aus Deutschland

Born in Cologne in 1961, she worked as a sound technician before starting her studies in Ethnology, Religion and Literature  at Free University Berlin and Ecole Pratique des Hautes Etudes Paris. Since her Masters Degree she works as a director and author for several German Radio-Stations. She also is a rewarded translator of French and English novels. Christiane Seiler is the Producer of Maxim Melnyks documentary „Schönborn“ and organized a crowdfunding campaign to raise money for the postproduction.


2019 „Räder für Poroschkowo“ (Bicycles for Poroschkowo), Reportage, ARTE Re: (mit Maxim Melnyk)